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Since 2006, the Metropolitan Opera in New York has been broadcasting many of its outstanding productions to movie theatres around the world. The broadcasts have given opera lovers everywhere the opportunity to experience these performances live, and to hear the greatest singers today at exactly the same time they are performing on the great stage of The Met in New York.

A partnership between the AAMM, Pathé Live, Operas of Paris and the ESAV (School of Visual Arts in Marrakech) is making possible the 2016-2017 season of 13 operas.

All broadcasts are subtitled in French.

The Live in HD opera broadcasts always occur on Saturday evenings at the ESAV.

Important: Please note the following regarding the opera broadcasts :

Only members of the AAMM (founding, supporting, and subscribing members) enjoy guaranteed seating.Non-members wishing to buy tickets for a particular broadcast must notify us in advance.They will be sent an email the day before the broadcast advising whether or not tickets are available.Any non-member tickets are payable by cash or check, and are available at the ESAV before the broadcast.


  1. TOSCA


    400 Dhs
    Samedi 11 avril à 17h55Le prisonnier politique Angelotti s’est enfui de son lieu de détention et va trouver de l’aide auprès de son ami le peintre Cavaradossi.… Learn More



    400 Dhs
    Samedi 9 mai à 17h55Elisabeth, reine d’Angleterre, est éprise de Leicester, nommé par elle ambassadeur auprès du roi de France.… Learn More